Hilary and Andrew officially met online four years ago, though a few years before they began dating, they met while working. Hilary and Andrew are police officers in neighboring towns. In perfect rom-com fashion, they had their first "meet-cute" as they worked together on a call. According to Hilary, Andrew remembers this with a bit more detail. Just a few years later, Hilary and Andrew knew they were ready for the next step in their relationship. 

This past fall, Andrew planned the perfect way to propose. Andrew put together a fun date in Racine, Wisconsin that included a Wine Walk which was to end down by the lake where he was going to get down on one knee. However, unintentional circumstances found an early bedtime for Hilary sooner than expected. The next day, thinking quickly on his feet, Andrew asked for Hilary's hand in the middle of downtown Racine. 

Hilary and Andrew, thank you so much for coming out! I had a ton of fun with both of you and I love the final shots we got. 

Now, grab a blanket and cuddle up. Your sneak peek is live!

Hilary and Andrew, thank you again for having me. 

I hope you loved your sneak peek and I can't wait to celebrate with you in June!!