Lyndsey isn't your typical girly girl. She prefers camping, canoeing, or going mudding on her 4-wheelers which is how she met Colin. Lyndsey has known Colin since 2012 and was always interested in him, but it wasn't until her sister told Colin to invite Lyndsey to go 4-wheeling in 2020 that things really began to get serious.

On February 25th of this year, Lyndsey and Colin made plans to take Lyndsey's daughter Lylee 4-wheeling in celebration of Lylee's birthday. Before they left for the day, Lyndsey ran out to the store to pick up a few things and when she returned home, she found Colin down on one knee in the living room asking her to be his wife. 

Lyndsey & Colin, I had such a great time getting to know you two as a couple as we ran around downtown Memphis together!! I LOVED meeting your beautiful daughter, Lylee loved that you included her in your engagement portraits!! So special!!  Now, cuddle up with your fiancée, your sneak peek is LIVE! 

Thank you so much for having me come out to Memphis!! I had such a great time with you two and I CAN'T wait for your beautiful wedding in February!!