As a photographer, I feel my approach to building friendships with my clients is what sets me apart from others in the industry. Before any session, whether for a portrait or a wedding, I take the time to get to know my clients on a personal level. This is important to me because I genuinely care about each and every one of them. I aim to establish a sense of friendship so that when I arrive for the session, it feels like two friends catching up rather than a formal photography session. This approach is crucial in capturing genuine and natural photos that truly reflect the personality and vibe of my clients. To achieve this, I take the time to ask numerous questions about my clients and their families and even schedule phone or Zoom calls to discuss the details. I also provide tips and tricks through a magazine to ensure the session runs smoothly. Ultimately, my mission is to help my clients feel comfortable and confident during the session so that their true selves shine through in the final product. Looking through the Dawidziuk family portraits is the PERFECT visual example of this. 

Jessica found me through a Google search and reached out inquiring about a family portrait session with her husband and adorable baby girl. Their daughter had just turned one, and they had not had family portraits done since before she was born. They were definitely long overdue! Through our email chats, I learned that Jessica and her husband got married in their home's backyard. Talk about a location with special meaning! I knew immediately that a family portrait session in a place of so much importance would be more memorable for them! Jessica also suggested a lovely park close to their home that we could use as a second location; however, when I arrived and saw their backyard, all ideas of a second location left my mind. The term "backyard" does not fit what her husband has created. It's BEAUTIFUL!! Perfectly manicured with lush greenery and colorful florals - it truly looks like it could be photographed for Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

Their session was a breeze, and before we knew it, I had captured tons of photos of their sweet little family doing what they love - spending time together, playing, and laughing in their favorite place. Home.

Dawidziuk Family, thank you so much for inviting me to your home to photograph this special season in your lives. It was an honor to capture your family's sweet memories for you to cherish for a lifetime! Now sit back and relax as you scroll through some of my favorite photos from your session. Your Sneak Peek is LIVE!!

Jessica and Michael, thank you for having me!! It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with you and your beautiful family!! I hope you love these images as much as I do. I can't wait to share the rest in the coming weeks!