When Steph reached out to me about an in-studio family portrait session, I knew it had to be at The Studio Chicago! It was the perfect setting for this super sweet extended family as they gathered for a day of laughter, love, and unforgettable memories. This wonderful crew from different corners of the country brought their unique stories and laughter to the studio, making it a day to remember!

We shared stories, cracked jokes, and celebrated four generations of love and connection. From the tender cuddles of seven-month-old baby Eden to the beaming smiles of the two oldest cousins, Evan and Emily, every moment was filled with warmth and happiness. And let's not forget about Grandma Nellie, the heart and soul of the family, whose presence was a reminder of the love that binds us all.

Endo Family, thank you for welcoming me into your circle and allowing me to capture the magic of your bond. I have great news! Your sneak peek is ready and waiting! So gather your loved ones, cozy up, and relive those priceless moments captured in the studio. 

Endo family, thank you for having me!! It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with all of you!! I hope you love these images as much as I do. I can't wait to share the rest in the coming weeks!

Ready to create your own family memories? Let's make it happen! Reach out today, and let's capture the love and laughter of your unique family story.