This morning after breakfast with the kids, I began organizing our spring "staycation." We had hoped to travel somewhere out of town, but by the time we started planning, everywhere was already fully booked. On to plan B! 

While browsing "fun things to do in Illinois" (yep, really), I came across a post for Illinois Beach, State Park. Perusing the photos online of the rocky beaches you typically find along the Lake Michigan shoreline got me thinking. "Hey, kids! Feel like going to the beach today?" I mean, why not? It's warm and sunny, and the rocky beach will most likely be far less muddy than our backyard. Let's go!

Jack and Ellie had a ball! Throwing and skipping rocks into the water, hiking up and down the hilly terrain, stacking beach stones, running through the sand... which is now all over the back of my van. I love days like today. Unplanned yet unforgettable memory-making days that warm my soul and help push us through the last few weeks of winter.