My cousin Becca is a photographer and my first true inspiration for my love of photography. Before ever hiring her to photograph my family, I lovingly admired her work and passion for years. Not only does she have an amazingly creative eye, she more importantly has a genuine love and care for all people and friendship.

That love and friendship are what set her apart from other hired photographers. When she walked in for our sessions, I felt comfortable and at ease knowing she was behind the camera. You're probably thinking, "yeah, of course, you felt comfortable, Cassie, she's your cousin." In full transparency, yes, she is my family, but I did not grow up with her. I truly didn't have much of a relationship with her at all. It wasn't until my husband and I began planning our wedding that she and I ever really connected. From following her work, I knew I wanted to hire her to photograph my wedding, but I was almost embarrassed to ask her. I actually reached out to my Aunt (her mom) before I had the courage to send my first inquiry email.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself going to her again for family portraits. Having recently given birth to our first child, I was 75lbs overweight and not feeling myself. I did not like the way I looked in photos but I knew I wanted to document the important time in my life with my new baby. It's a season I would never get back again, and I didn't want the way I felt about my looks to stop me from capturing that memory. When I look at the portraits Becca delivered from that session, my first thought isn't of how I appear. I think about how she lovingly helped to curl my hair in the bathroom so I could feel more confident in front of the camera. I think about how she helped to select the perfect outfits for my family so our clothes wouldn't be a distraction from the joy you see on our faces. More importantly, I think about the love and kindness she showed us that day not because we're family, but because her business has a greater purpose than just taking pictures for money. 

That same love, friendship, and kindness are what motivates me in my business. Yes, I want to be able to deliver beautiful galleries that you and I are both proud of, but I also want you to look back on your portraits and see more than beautiful images. I want you to remember the joy of the day, the genuine smiles on your faces, and the friendship we began. I truly feel God has given me this creative gift and passion to have a purpose! That purpose is to love and serve others through the different seasons in their life. The joys of new love and marriage, the beautiful stages and milestones of a growing family, the cheers of accomplishment from graduation, and the happiness you share with your significant other as you grow throughout the years together in love. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to love and serve my clients through my passion for photography and proud that my business has a greater purpose!